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Just because you don't feel sick, does not mean you feel as great as you could.


Far too many people wait until they are sick to find a chiropractic clinic in Lafayette. It is common in our culture to accept a slow decline in health as we age, but it is also unnecessary. We now have the information and advancements in the health and wellness field that allow us to live a life of optimal health, meaning we can actually feel better as we grow older! 


The decisions we make and the actions we take in each moment of our day affect our bodies and can slowly produce problems that may not show symptoms. What we eat, how we sit, the work that we do with our bodies, and even the way we emotionally react to a situation, can have long-term impacts on our wellness. If you spend your days sitting at a desk, the way you hold your head or place your arms can have a major impact, not only on your neck and shoulders, but also on your whole body.

This is because the bundle of nerves that sends messages to every other part of our body, originates in our spinal column. When vertebrae become misaligned, there are dozens of possible impacts upon our health. This also goes for how we hold emotions in the body. If we are chronically tensing our shoulders due to stress or anxiety, this can once again impact the spine and the rest of the body. As you can see, even if we don't feel sick, we may be in need of a little extra care to prevent daily activities from becoming more severe problems.


Health can be defined as the body functioning properly rather than just feeling good. You may not feel sick today, but if your nervous system is being impeded from sending messages to other organs and systems in the body, things may not be working as well as they could be. Through a regular wellness care program that works to restore and maintain spinal health and mobility, people often find they have more energy and do not get sick as often. When the nervous system is functioning properly, the benefits are endless. Improved digestion, blood flow, lung capacity, pulse, skin tone, and overall mobility are just a few of the benefits of keeping your spine properly aligned. 


Chiropractic treatments work to keep the integrity of the nervous system intact and are an excellent choice as a part of a wellness care plan. Regular, gentle adjustments by Dr. Chelsey can ensure the daily impacts of your life are not wearing your health down over time.


By performing a thorough evaluation of your health history and current physical state, Dr. Chelsey can help you detect problems before they develop into a more serious issue, keeping you at peak function and feeling great.


Call to set up a consultation with our team at Lueken Chiropractic & Wellness Group and start on the path of chiropractic wellness care today.

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