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Matt Slick Testimonial.jpg

Matt S.

Dr. Chelsey is the best. If you're looking for someone who can talk to you about your health, any pain you're in, and out together a plan customized to YOU - she's your gal. She's affordable, flexible, and an overall joy to be around. She's one of those people that brightens your day just by being in the room with her. If you're in or around the Lafayette area - she is your doctor! You won't regret it!

JoAnn Testimonial.jpeg

JoAnn T.

Dr. Chelsey took the time to get to know me, explain procedures and what was going on with my body. Her treatment was targeted to my individual needs. Although I have been to several different chiropractors over the years, her treatment approach is very individualized and different than the "generic" approach to back pain issues that I am used to with chiropractic care. She was very responsive to answering messages and I was able to get my first appointment scheduled pretty quickly.

Jacob Testimonial .jpeg

Jacob T.

Dr. Lueken is a very competent physician and I have benefitted greatly from her knowledge, expertise, and chiropractic care. She has worked with my entire family including my children. She has is very friendly, a great listener, and thorough in her work. We have been very pleased with her services!

Heather H. Testimonial.jpeg

Heather H.

Dr. Chelsey was amazing. She was very thorough and very knowledgeable. I have had issues with my neck and back for a very long time and I am so glad someone referred me to her. In my consult and exam visit she was able to give me so much movement back. I highly recommend her.

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