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Chiropractic for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects the lives of numerous children and families in Lafayette, presenting ongoing challenges from childhood through adulthood. The difficulties associated with ADHD, including inattention and impulse control issues, can be distressing and disruptive. Fortunately, chiropractic care has shown promise in improving ADHD symptoms.

Today's children face increased stress and environmental pressures, leading to behaviors that are difficult to manage, such as hyperactivity and emotional outbursts. If your child displays several symptoms, listed below, persistently for at least six months, they may be dealing with ADHD.


  • Difficulty concentrating or remaining in one place for extended periods

  • Impulsive behavior, such as interrupting others or acting without thinking

  • Restlessness and an inability to sit still

  • Fidgeting with hands or feet

  • Inability to stay quiet for long periods

  • Easily distracted by other activities and noises

  • Excessive talking compared to peers

  • Frequent loss of belongings and difficulty completing tasks

  • Disorganization



While the exact causes of ADHD may vary among individuals, it is widely acknowledged that the symptoms stem from imbalances in the nervous system. Effective treatments focus on correcting these imbalances and restoring optimal nervous system function.


In the conventional medical system, medication has been the primary approach for managing ADHD. However, psychotropic drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, commonly prescribed, often come with adverse side effects and potential long-term health consequences. Irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and increased aggression are among the risks associated with these medications. As a result, parents face difficult decisions when considering the risks versus benefits of such drugs, especially when they appear to be the only option.

Fortunately, alternative treatments exist that aim to restore the nervous system to a healthier state. Nutritional science advancements have shown that incorporating nutrient-rich natural foods and eliminating common allergens like gluten can bring relief to children with ADHD.

Additionally, spinal misalignments significantly impact nervous system health. Dr. Chelsey, our pediatric chiropractor in Lafayette, can conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify any misaligned vertebrae. Misalignments often disrupt nervous system activity but can be effectively treated through gentle, non-invasive adjustments. Dr. Chelsey's expertise lies in carefully repositioning the vertebrae, promoting nervous system health, and addressing the root cause of ADHD.


For more information about the services offered at Lueken Chiropractic & Wellness Group, contact our team today. Give your child the opportunity to reach their full potential with chiropractic care.

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